Homecare expenses you can avoid

If you or a relative has suffered a condition that requires for them to have constant medical attention, a very good option is home care.  This means that the patient with a delicate condition can stay at home and be taken care of at its comfort.

Sometimes, this home care service might require special treatment or medications. So, you will probably need to make a serious expenditure of money to get them.  We have heard countless stories of families that have had to sell their house in order to pay their loved one’s treatment, even when at home.

What is Home Care?

Home care refers to the special care a person receives at their own home.  This could be because the patient has a disability, is an elder, is chronically ill, or recovering from injury.  The service does not require any medical proficiency or license.

The services that a home carer can give is those of activities of daily living (ADL), such as helping them to the bathroom, reminding them of medication, taking them to the toilet, bathing, getting dressed, cooking, or even hiring some carpet cleaning service.  A home care assistant can even simply make company to the patient by watching a movie with them or just having a conversation.

How Much does it Cost?

The cost of home care is not covered by Medicare and it is usually paid by the consumer.  Depending on the person you hire, these costs might amount to up to $700 per week. Paying $36,000 a year for home care is not really that easy.

To this, you must add the costs for medication and special therapy.

How can I save in Home Care?

Even though the costs of home care are not included in Medicare, there are still some ways to go around this.  The best one would be to find a loving relative that would offer you these services at no cost.  This is usually the case in most families probably.

However, we live in times where it seems like everybody is engaged in working long hours or during the 9-to-5.  Not many are willing to give up a paid job to take care of a relative with no payment involved.  They would probably want to but they can´t afford it.  Even when the option of paying for a trained home career, perhaps.

But, you can investigate about certain funding programs for home care in your locality.  In the United States, for example, there are several grants or sweepstakes that offer the opportunity to get home care services.

Are There Other Ways to Make Extra Money?

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